MVNO and Prepaid Carrier List

In the table below, I list MVNOs and prepaid carriers operating in the U.S. In most cases, carriers that are listed as working with multiple networks will only work with the single network a subscriber chooses when they purchase their plan.[1]

Using the filters at the top of the table, you can choose to view only carriers operating over the network(s) of your choice or to view only carriers that I recommend. In rows with asterisks, additional information can be viewed by clicking the plus icon.


Estimates of subscriber numbers are often extremely rough. In many cases, I rely on estimated subscriber numbers Dennis Bournique shares in the operator profiles on

Some of the links in the list of prepaid carriers and MVNOs are affiliate links. See my transparency page for details about the financial relationships I have with carriers.


  1. Google Fi is a notable exception. Fi-enabled devices can work with multiple networks simultaneously. Some other carriers default to one network but have roaming access on other networks.

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