Why Almost No One Else Recommends Namecheap Hosting

Namecheap is one of the few web hosts that I strongly recommend. Namecheap’s prices are amazing, the product is solid, and the company is transparent.

Despite all that, hardly any websites with web host reviews or rankings recommend Namecheap’s hosting. Why?

I believe the best explanation is simple. Money.

Namecheap offers awfully small commissions compared to competitors. A typical commission on one of Namecheap’s shared hosting packages will probably be a few dollars.[1] The commission on other companies’ shared web hosting packages will regularly be in the $50-$100+ range.[2]

If you Google a query like top web hosts, you’ll find a bunch of bogus evaluation websites offering lists of recommended web hosts. Typically, these websites have relationships with all the hosts they recommend. You won’t find Namecheap on their lists.[3]

Even entities that do actual testing and data collection almost never include Namecheap in their evaluations. It’s unfortunate for consumers.


  1. An archived page listing Namecheap’s commission rates as of 3/14/2019 can be found here. At that time, hosting packages had a 35% commission. A 35% commission on one billing cycle of Namecheap’s ultra-low price plans doesn’t come out to a lot.
  2. For example, on 3/14/2019 both Bluehost and SiteGround offered commission rates along those lines.
  3. Or they’ll be like HostingFacts.com which combines a silly scoring system, out-of-date price data, and confusions about what TTFB tests measure to justify a bad review for Namecheap.

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